Golfcart Caper

My thesis film from the School of Visual Arts in 2006. Directed, written, designed and animated by me. Programs used: Photoshop CS, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools.

Received the third place award for student animation at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival in 2006. 


A Traveler's Guide to Global Warming

Global Warming film I worked on with Lisa LaBracio for Animation Block Party.


Second year film at the School of Visual Arts in 2004, learned photoshop and after effects on this one-and it shows.

Received the Jury Award at the Long Island Film Festival in 2005.  


Pencil Test 01

Class assignment at the School of Visual Arts.


These two are from my Intro to Animation, freshman year at SVA.

Stop motion animated with coffee grinds, camera and lunchbox. I used a paintbrush to move the grinds around.

Drawn in pastel. Very messy and bad for your skin.

This film is about the inner thoughts of a flower as it gets pissed on by a dog.